GATO on Dragons Den

In May 2018, Charlotte and I went on BBC's Dragon's Den! Lots of you have asked if we'd share our experience so here we go!

We were with dragons for 1.5 hrs! It was pretty cool to get so much advice from 5 millionaires, even if they did grill us!

If you've watched you'll know we offered them low equity- of course we knew they’d never accept 1.7% (I’m a long-time fan of the show!) but we thought it would help us stand out from the crowd. Only a tiny fraction of those who apply actually make it on air and hey it worked!

We couldn’t believe we got 2 offers after being grilled on our numbers. It came out of nowhere! We actually had to go to THE WALL not once but twice in real life!

It was such a tough decision to turn down investment, but we couldn’t give away so much of the company we’d fought so hard to build. We still took away so much- our biggest learning was that we were spending too much cash. So the week after the show, we stripped back to essentials and learned to be more efficient as a small team (there’s still just 3 of us!).



The show is an amazing platform- we had 30k people visit our website that evening! We were blown away!! After the show we raised over £200k to help take the biz to the next level by investing in the new product ranges you can see today - our Cookie Bites and Cookies 'n' Cream (which we actually told the dragons about!)

Back then we were in 100 stores and now we are in 1000+! Corona has thrown a spanner in the works :( but we’re small & flexible so we’re doing our best to adapt and keep growing! We are so so grateful for all the love and support you have shown us in the past couple years- it means everything. Thank you.

Lots of Love, Kim xx

P.S. The dragons totally stole the fancy spoons we gave them to sample our puddings

P.P.S here’s a link to watch us face the Dragons! - we’re on at 42 mins!